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High School Uniforms From Dennis Uniform


At Palmetto Christian Academy, our desire is to foster excellence and distinction in every area of our school as we work to honor God through all areas of our lives. We aspire for our external appearance to represent that standard as well. Therefore, we have decided to raise the standard of appearance by introducing required uniforms for high school students beginning in the fall of 2017. We believe this will have a positive impact on academic performance, attitude, and overall excellence.

We have selected Dennis School Uniforms as our exclusive vendor for PCA's high school uniforms.  Dennis School Uniforms is a respected manufacturer and supplier of school uniforms across the country. As we researched uniform companies, we found Dennis Uniforms is known for excellent customer service and high quality uniforms. We hope your student is excited to showcase our school unity and pride throughout the community.

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Can I purchase uniforms from local vendors?
No. Dennis Uniforms is our exclusive vendor. All major uniform clothing items must be purchased through them. Accessories such as belts can be purchased elsewhere.

Where can I see pricing for the new uniforms?
The Dennis Uniforms portal. Click here to access. 

Is everything listed in the uniform portal required?
There are items offered through our uniform portal that are not required. For example, there are sweater vests available for purchase, but they are optional.  

Can I try on the uniforms before purchasing?
Yes! There will be a uniform fitting on July 8th from 12 pm to 6 pm at PCA for your student to try on sample sizes. 

What is Dennis Uniforms' return/exchange policy?
Dennis Uniforms makes returns and exchanges fast and easy. Click here for detailed information.

Is there a required shoe?
There is an updated shoe standard. A specific brand or style of shoe will not be required at this time. However, we do ask that you follow the new shoe standards. For chapel dress, a dress type shoe for boys and a dress shoe, saddle shoe, or sandals for girls meets the standard. For daily wear, athletic shoes still meet the standard. No flip flops are allowed.

Will boys have to wear pants every day?
No. On chapel days boys will wear pants, but for daily dress they can choose the shorts option.

Can girls wear the chapel skirt during the week?
Yes, girls can wear the chapel option any day of the week.

Will we still be able to wear spirit shirts?
Yes. High school students will be allowed to wear athletic or club team shirts and spirit wear on Club Shirt Wednesdays. 

Will the outerwear standards change?
Yes. The Dennis Uniform quarter zip sweatshirt and pullover sweatshirt will be approved outerwear for boys and girls. Letterman jackets will continue to be approved outerwear for both boys and girls. Team specific outerwear is approved on game days and Club Shirt Wednesdays.

What are the polo style shirt options for daily dress?
White, navy, and light yellow polo shirts with our school logo will be the standard. We are excited to offer girls fit options AND performance polo options as well. 

What is the new high school uniform logo?
We wanted our high school students to have their own unique logo on their uniforms. For a more mature look, the shirts will feature our school name without the palmetto tree that you see on our lower and middle school uniforms. Here's an example of how it will look:










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