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Artistic Talent Abounds At High School Art Show

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It was a night of fine art as PCA students showed off the best of the best work at the annual High School Art Show. Inside the Welcome Center, art teachers Nicole Seitz and Madison Weeks created displays on tables, easels and partitions that were artfully set up so that one felt as if they were walking through an exquisite art gallery.

“The high school art show was a wonderful evening filled with artists and gallery-goers, showcasing the hard work and creativity of our students,” said art teacher Nicole Seitz. “The high school arts (Art 1, 2, AP Art and Creative Writing and Illustration) are focused on advancing skills, imagination and critical thinking. What emerges is art driven by and very personal to each artist's unique voice. Work at this level, laid at the feet of Christ and partnered with our Creator, leaves a powerful impact on all.