Spiritual Life

The Bible teaches in John 17:3 that life is knowing God and his Son, Jesus. PCA’s commitment to this principle is a vital distinctive in a world in which nearly everything imaginable is vying for our children’s attention – and more important – their hearts and minds. In a Christian school, spiritual formation is a deliberate and intentional plan. At PCA, it permeates every learning experience. It is the heart of all we do.

The Chapel program is a foundational component of student life at PCA. Each student over age three attends a weekly chapel service designed to engage them in heartfelt worship and give them a foundation in scriptural principles that will serve them their entire lives. The Upper School worship team, comprised of gifted student musicians, leads the praise and worship portion of the high school chapel.

Lower School Chapel

This is a focused time for our students to worship, fellowship, and deepen their relationship with Christ.  We strive to instill in our students a deep love and longing for worshiping our holy and mighty God. Students are exposed to a variety of speakers throughout the year while having several opportunities for personal leadership. Chapel is an anticipated highlight of the week in Lower School.

Upper School Chapel 

Our upper school chapels provide opportunities for the students to lead and participate in worship, hear Bible teaching and testimony from administrators and teachers, and worship with and learn from guest speakers as varied as local youth pastors to missionaries from around the world.  

PCA holds Spiritual Renewal Days each fall. Guest speakers and praise teams from area churches and Christian colleges bring a fresh voice to the ministry of challenging students spiritually. Following the worship and messages, students gather in small groups to explore scriptural principles in a deeper way and to develop relational bonds that enable them to support one another in their walk with Christ.

Before school, after school, during free periods, and in a host of other teachable moments, you will find loving, caring faculty giving focused attention to the spiritual needs of our students. Many develop mentoring relationships with students that include Bible study, counseling, and prayer. All of them are committed Christians who view their service at PCA as a ministry devoted to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.