Palmetto Players

Each player understands that all talent is given by God and must be used to bring glory to Him.

The Palmetto Players is PCA’s theatre production company. The group’s founder and artistic director, Vicki Blackstone, has more than twenty-five years of experience in community and upper school theater. Founded in 2008, Palmetto Players has delighted audiences with fantastic productions including Cheaper by the Dozen, The Diary of Anne Frank, Exit the Body, Arsenic and Old Lace, And Then There Were None, See How They Run, and Death Trap.

In 2015 middle school drama was added to The Palmetto Players theatre production company . The middle schoolers are led by Middle School Drama Director, Jenni Brown. Jenni has extensive experience in theatre arts - having worked in television and movies, taught and performed at The Dock Street Theater, and founded and ran The Pitt Street Theatre Company from 2000-2007. She also performs community theatre with The Crabpot Players. The middle school students of Palmetto Players have performed numerous exciting productions including The Hundred Dresses, Lion King, Sherlock Holmes, Annie and Peter Pan. This year they will present Aladdin

Theater in the Christian school offers students the opportunity to study and develop ideas, insights, and values while learning the craft of performance. The primary component of theater, dialogue, provides a uniquely effective method for studying the communicative functions of human language.  Since communication is a gift from God, its purpose is to glorify and praise Him. As Palmetto Players begins another season, God continues to be at the center of the school’s theatrical department.