PCA Fine Arts seeks to teach students about the beauty that God has created. Through the study and display of visual art, music, and drama we strive to glorify God in a way that mere words cannot express. With every stroke of the brush, every beat of the drum, every note that is sung, may Jesus Christ be praised!

Since its inception, Palmetto Christian Academy has made instruction in the fine arts one of its priorities. The Bible is full of commands to believers to sing and play instruments and to do so with skill. The book of James also tells us that God is the giver of all good and perfect gifts, including the gifts of artistic ability.

PCA offers a full range of classes in the arts for its students. Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary students study music each week and present programs throughout the year. In Middle School, students have the option of studying instrumental music, vocal music, visual art, or drama. Because our teachers are all experienced and practicing artists, our students receive excellent instruction in pursuing their artistic endeavors whether they plan to continue those pursuits vocationally or simply as a hobby. 

Visual Arts

Students are actively engaged in creating and exhibiting artwork under the direction of dedicated faculty art experts.



At PCA, Chorus is more than a class; it’s an experience that will hopefully encourage students to continue using their voices to honor the Lord and bless others.



Understanding the importance of an all-encompassing education, we are pleased to provide the training and instruction for students to fine-tune their musical gifts.


Palmetto Players

As the Palmetto Players begins a new season, God continues to be at the center of the school’s theatrical department.


Lower School Music

Music is always about singing, playing, exploring and moving.  In our Lower School Music program, we understand that music is God's gift to us.