How To Apply to Palmetto Christian Academy

We will begin accepting applications online for the 2024-2025 school year on November 15, 2023.
Be sure to click the correct year for which you are applying.

A complete admission application includes:

1. Application (Completed online)

Our application includes both a Student Statement (to be completed by the student) and a Parent Statement (to be completed by parents). The application fee must be submitted with the application.  $100 K-12; $50 Preschool.

2. pastoral Recommendation

This confidential Pastoral reference form must be completed and mailed by your pastor to our office.


3. Teacher Recommendation

In addition to your application, you will need to have one current teacher recommendation form sent to PCA. This recommendation form must be completed and mailed by the teacher to our office.


4. pca core beliefs

 Palmetto Christian Academy’s Core Beliefs Form must be signed online within the application.

5. Transcript (Uploaded online)

For the school to properly review a candidate's application, we must have the latest official transcript from the candidate's current school. Transcripts from all previous schools are required, including report cards, standardized test scores, and results of any psychological evaluation, including IEP and 504. Most schools require parental permission to release an official transcript to PCA.

6. reports & records

Along with the application, please include the student's recent conduct reports, a copy of their current immunization records, and a copy of their birth certificate. 

upper School - Additional Requirements

1. Prospective high school students with grades below a "C" in a core subject will not transfer as a high school credit. (Refer to SC Grading Scale, 70 or higher = C).

2. A written statement by the prospective high school student regarding the reason(s) why they are interested in attending PCA, included on the application.

3. A personal interview with the Student/Principal is required prior to the family interview.

4. Upon receipt of these materials, our office will schedule an admissions assessment and parent interview. Parents will be notified in writing of the decision of the Admissions Committee.

Important! Please review the 3 options below to determine which category applies to the student you are applying for at PCA. This will eliminate duplications in our database.

1) If you have previously inquired, submitted an application or are a former student at PCA, please contact the admissions office to reactivate your account.

2) If you have never set up a username or password, please follow the prompts for “First Time User” and establish your username (email address) and password.

3) If you are a current PCA family and are applying for a sibling, sign into MyPCA and under Resources, click apply / application.


Please be aware that the Admissions process generally takes several days, depending on the receipt of required documents from parents and availability of the Admissions Committee and Administration. *Late applicants (applications received after July 31) are not guaranteed completion of the Admissions process and/or decisions by the first day of school.