Over the last three years, Palmetto Christian Academy has experienced 30% enrollment growth, and where we once thought that building the Student Life Center would mean we would be prepared for future growth; that growth is here now. We need your help  so that we can continue to uniquely equip our students to make an impact on the culture.


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Students use their talents and love for art to express their love for their teachers and school.

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Chemical Bonding: High School Students Enjoy Science Experiment

February 3, 2020

Great Bunson Burners!! In Mrs. Jackson's 10th-grade chemistry classes, the students have been learning about chemical bonds and how elements react to different chemicals...

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Second Graders Take a Deeper Look at Colonial America

February 3, 2020

The second grade classes have been studying the original thirteen colonies in their classrooms; furthermore, because the children enjoyed what they were discovering so...

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