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"Every student is made in a wonderful and unique way and our job is to prepare them to fulfill their individual calling to the glory of God."

Welcome to Academic Guidance! Our goal at Palmetto Christian Academy is to help our students find the best fit for higher education. Whether they are scientists, authors, theologians, athletes or mathematicians, the Lord has prepared a perfect place for them. As they mature, we intentionally lead our students toward discerning that place.

With that in mind, we approach all academics and co-curricular activities as a means to train our students in Christian character and skill sets.  Our objective is to offer enrichment in academics, athletics, spiritual training, leadership and fine arts that allows students the opportunity to explore new territory and listen for God’s calling.  We know that God has prepared a perfect place for each of our graduates, so we advocate for the best fit in college and post-high school training for each student.


Emily Faile 
Academic Counselor
(843) 881-9967 Ext. 2087

School Profile 

Information regarding our course of study, standardized testing scores, and college placement and scholarships can be found on our school profile.

Standardized Testing

Proposed Standardized Testing Dates for the 2023-2024 School Year:

Wednesday, October 11 - PSAT (10th & 11th grades)
Tuesday, October 17 - PSAT (8th & 9th grades)
Thursday, October 26 - School Day ACT (required for 10th grade, optional for 11th & 12th grade)
Tuesday, April 16 - School Day SAT (optional for 10th & 11th grades)





College Reps

We hope you'll consider visiting Palmetto Christian Academy either in person or virtually during the school year. College Reps should contact Emily Faile at  with any questions or to schedule a visit with our students.  

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Naviance is a software program that lets schools track student progress, and easily send that information to colleges.  It also supports all aspects of the college application process (transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc). Around 40% of high schools across the country use Naviance. All of our 8th-12th grade students have a login and password to use this site. 

The most useful tool Naviance provides among their career readiness options is a resume builder. Using a software program can streamline the process, and ensure your formatting meets the highest standard. If you have the chance to use this, do so, as a well-crafted resume will serve you well for a long time.  

The self discovery tools are used to learn about your personality and careers you otherwise would not have considered or had not heard of before. Awareness of the career options available will allow you to make better choices going foward. 

The school fit exploration tool allows you to compare your GPA and test scores to the averages at various schools, and to see what you should count as reach, target, or safety. While there are other factors in admissions, your grades and test scores are the first thing schools consider, and seeing how you measure up compared to the average applicant is very useful.


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Pre-Planned College Visit Requests

College visits are excused with pre-approval from the academic counselor. A parent must email to notify the school of a student’s absence prior to the date of a college visit. There is no academic penalty for college visits as long as all class work and homework is turned in on or before the day the student returns to school.