Mission & Values

Our Mission

"Equipping students to pursue Jesus Christ passionately as they impact the culture."

Our Core Values



We will achieve excellence in education through high standards of instruction, coaching, and mentoring.


We will teach a distinctly Christian worldview as we build a strong community of faith.


We will encourage personal discovery through assessments and exposure to a variety of disciplines and experiences.


Relationship with Christ

We will promote spiritual development through the teaching of spiritual disciplines and how to think Biblically.

God Given Strengths & Passions

We will provide experiential learning and integrate faith in all things as we help our students find their strengths and passions.

God’s Plan for Their Lives

We will offer academic and technical opportunities, as well as methods for vocational and career exploration, to assist students in finding God’s purpose for their lives.


Service to PCA

We will develop raving PCA fans by encouraging students to serve each other and their school.

Service Learning

We will provide multiple opportunities for students to serve outside the school to develop a passion for service and others.

Community Engagement

We will encourage students to be advocates for Christian education as they develop an unquestioned reputation through their actions in the community.