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Astronomy Night Shines for Middle School Students

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It was a starry, starry night for several of our 6th and 7th grade students as they joined their middle school science teacher, Kim Moser, to gaze at the sky. Mrs. Moser says this was the first astronomy night that she has hosted, and it was a perfect evening for discovery!

Three telescopes provided the students with plenty of opportunities to make observations. The students were able to clearly observe Saturn and its rings (very cool!!), Jupiter and its 4 Galilean moons (Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto), as well as a close up of the moon and its craters. "The kids were amazed at what they saw!" said Mrs. Moser. "Mr. Overcash (PCA parent) was an amazing help as he taught some astronomy courses at Furman University. I couldn't have done it without him!"
Here's what a few of the students had to say about their experience:
"We got to See Saturn and its rings. It was amazing. We got to see the craters on the moon. It was wonderful. God did amazing things and it was crazy to see." Ava Benton - 6th grade
"Astronomy night was amazing. We were able to see Saturn and its rings, Jupiter, and the moon and its craters. Once we made our observations the clouds moved in and we could play and have fellowship. I highly recommend going." Alyssa Carper - 6th grade
"The astronomy night was breathtaking. I could see Saturn and its rings and the moon's craters in detail. Mr. Overcash explained lots of things about the stars. I had lots of fun and the experience was exciting." Angelina Xiong - 7th grade
"If you take a minute to admire the stars, you will see a reflection of God's mighty power and how amazing He is." Liza Klassen - 6th grade

DNR Visit Brings Plenty of Excitement to 3rd Grade Classrooms

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The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) comes to PCA! On October 2, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Adkins, and Mrs. Andrews third grade classes had the opportunity to hear two of Charleston's DNR Law Enforcement Officers, Matt Beckett (who is also the husband of second-grade teacher, Denae Beckett), and Savannah Taylor talk about what the job of a DNR officer entails.

Beckett and Taylor made sure that the students knew how important being safe and following the law was even on the water. They described some of their many duties, including checking boaters' safety items such as their horns, as well as for valid boater registration. Third grader, Caleb Davis said, "I liked when they told us about what you need on your boat...I like fishing and the water [so it was good information]."

When asked what she thought was most interesting about the talk, third-grader Nya Watson said, "I thought it was cool that they got to handle alligators," and the rest of her classmates agreed.

Third grade teacher, Dorthy Jones said, "It was so interesting, and I think all of us learned a lot and have a whole new appreciation for this government agency as well as its employees."

Thank you to Officers Beckett and Taylor for blessing PCA with such a fun and important presentation.
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