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Middle School Drama Students Give Excellent Performances!

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BRAVO to the 6th and 7th grade Drama class as they wrapped up their performances last week! The students had a lot to share about their experience.

6th grader Parker Pinson, who played an FBI Agent said, “I liked wearing the heads and doing improv.”

Laura Horne, who played Miss Muffet said, “I enjoyed interacting with others and learning things from Mrs. Brown that I can use in my future.”

Ali Wheeler, who played the narrator for Goldie Locks' Mom and Bo Peep added,“I liked hanging out with my friends and saying my lines in front of everyone.” 

Audrey Bright, who portrayed Baby Bear said, “I liked how we could interact with people even during COVID and how emotion came out of the person even though they weren’t speaking.” 

Vivian Preston, who narrated Goldie Locks said, “I enjoyed putting my personality into another character.”

And Wes Knight, the narrator for the Big Bad Wolf summed it all up perfectly when he said, “My favorite part was showing our parents what we do in class and what Mrs. Brown does for us.”

The 7th graders, who worked on their Monologue skills also had wonderful memories.

Sophia Ralph who did a monologue as “The Kitten with a Stolen Mitten” said her favorite part was “getting ready with everyone!”

Josie Hurley, who stepped into character in “Dog Lovin’ Mary” said that, “seeing everyone doing their best and encouraging each other, made this project stand out.” 

 Houston Carter, who played the “Extra Terrestrial” said his favorite part was, “adding my personality into the monologue.”

Mrs. Brown had nothing but smiles and praise for the performances. “Parents were happy to see their kids on stage and it was a fun, relaxing evening with lots of laughs. I was very proud of them.”

Round of applause for Mrs. Brown and her 6th and 7th grade performers!

3rd Graders Delight In Hosting "Charlotte's Web" Farm Fair!!!

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The words “Terrific” and “Radiant” aren’t just words that Charlotte used to describe Wilbur in E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web, they could also be used to describe the first ever “Charlotte’s Web Fair” put on by the third-grade classes. 

After completing the novel Charlotte’s Web, third-grade teachers thought it would be fun to tie up the unit with a class activity. As they began brainstorming, one thing turned into another and before they knew it they had a full-fledged fair on their hands. 

Students were encouraged to dress up as characters from the book, and dress up they did! Every character from Fern to Templeton the rat was represented. 

The students' parents, as always, rose to the occasion and not only brought in fair foods such as Corn Dogs, cotton candy, ice cream, and popcorn, they also created memorable tablescapes for each class.

The kids had a picnic lunch out on the lawn before playing fair games such as Don’t Steal the Bacon. “My favorite part was don't steal the bacon,” Maya Calderon said, “because it was a really good game.”

Haven Holmquest, from Mrs. Andrews class said, “My favorite part about the fair was the food because it was yummy.”

Kassy Cameron from Mrs. Watson’s room agreed, “I enjoyed the picnic the most because I liked the different food like the cotton candy and corn dogs and being with my friends!"

From all the smiles on both the kids and adults faces, we hope we see this fair become an annual PCA tradition!

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