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New Elective Courses Help Students Find Their Purpose

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Enabling students to maximize their God-given talents is one of the core values of our school. This year, PCA has expanded our elective courses to provide opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge and exploration of career paths, helping them discover their strengths and passions.

We are excited to offer the following new additions for our Upper School students:

  • Psychology with Webb Barnes, a licenced professional counselor who has his own practice in North Charleston

  • Graphic Design with lower school art teacher, Kylie Siegwald

  • Holocaust Studies with Kristi Ugland

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science with Robbie Kelly

  • AP Environmental Science with Erin Grimsley

  • Physics with Marcia Siebert

When asked what lead him to teach Psychology at the high school level, Barnes said, “I wanted to introduce high schoolers to Psychology from a Christian perspective before going off to college. Most students are introduced without the name of Jesus being mentioned and I didn't want that to happen. Our creator is the Father of Psychology.”

Abby Creech, a student in Siegwald’s Graphic Design class, said, “I think graphic design is a great addition to the curriculum this year. I really enjoy getting to learn how to use photoshop and other tools to create digital art.”

Dr. Myra Finneran, Director of Curriculum said, “PCA's goal is to offer a variety of elective courses to meet the needs and interests of all students. While South Carolina recently announced that fine arts credits are not required for graduation, we believe these courses offer many non-academic benefits such as motivation, cultural exposure, creativity, and appreciation of diversity. We will continue to enhance our elective program in an effort to equip students to pursue Jesus Christ as they impact the culture.”

We are excited to be able to offer these courses and can’t wait to see how they will enhance the PCA experience for our students.

Welcome Back Little Eagles!!!

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The first day of preschool was so much fun! The excitement began when parents and siblings dropped off this morning! Preschool students spent time learning about their routines, playing on the playground, taking a tour of our hallway and building. Students also enjoyed fun activities in their classrooms as they met new friends for the first time. Teachers were so excited to meet their new students and get the year started! Prechool students, teachers and staff all enjoyed the first day of Preschool! 

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