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A Walk Through History

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There’s nothing quite like having history come to life through the written word as well as through an artist's stroke of the brush. Students in James Ugland's 9th Grade Western Civilization Class took a “Gallery Walk” around the Worship Center where students got into pairs and were given a packet that had small paragraphs describing a piece of art that students then had to go and find.

“This project was for our Medieval Europe Unit,” said Ugland. “We used pictures depicting the Notre Dame Cathedral, a Byzantine Icon of Jesus, and the Bayeux Tapestry. I love doing this project because looking at Medieval Art or any historical art gives a great glimpse into what the people of that time period looked like, cared about and thought about. It is so enjoyable to watch students get excited about putting art and history together to put themselves in the shoes of those who lived before us.”

Lawton Blevins loved the fact that it was “an active project that gets our minds engaged.” While Alden Baugh said, “I like being out of the classroom and being able to learn..” and “Work with a partner!” added her classmate Avery Clark.

We love learning history especially with a creative edge!

Exploring The Birthplace Of South Carolina

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The 3rd grade students took an exciting field trip to Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site last Tuesday. Charles Towne Landing, established in 1670 by a group of English settlers, is located off the Ashley River. This location would become the birthplace of the Carolina colony. The 3rd grade students were introduced to the earliest colonial history of Charleston!

Our field trip started with an interactive lesson on the trading of goods for survival between the Native Americans and other English colonies, specifically Barbados. We learned that it was very difficult to acquire knives from the Colonists. Next, we walked the grounds with our Park Ranger, and she introduced us to the Cassique Statue, the Palisade Wall, the Common House, and the Adventure. The Adventure, docked in Old Towne Creek, is Charleston's only 17th-century replica sailing ship. 

The students finished the day with a picnic lunch and then explored the Animal Forest natural habitat zoo. We saw otters, bison, a bear, a puma, and many more animals! It was a fun filled day for the 3rd grade. Thank you to Mrs. Light, Mrs. Andrews, Mrs. Olson, and Mrs. Brazzel for a wonderful adventure outside the classroom. 

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