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Middle School Eagle Ambassadors Encourage Love Of Reading

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Reading rocks! And it rocks even more when upper school students can share the love of books with lower school classes.

This past Wednesday, Middle School Eagle Ambassadors, a group of students whose goal is to spread joy to the school by doing small acts of kindness, borrowed some books from the library (shout out to Miss Tuck for helping find the perfect ones!) and headed off to lower school classrooms.  

Pairs of students went to Mrs. Olson’s and Mrs. Light’s third grade classrooms, Mrs. Watson’s kindergarten classroom, and Señor Whitehead's first grade Spanish class to read them fall themed books. Younger students sat with eyes wide and attention captured by their older school mates. 

“My first grade class loved having the middle schoolers come and read to them,” said Whitehead. “Put us on the list for next time!”

The Middle Schoolers felt the same, having enjoyed the opportunity to connect with younger students and to serve them as guest readers.

Walking On The Wild Side At Caw Caw Interpretive Center

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Excitement filled the air as the fourth graders set off on a field trip to Caw Caw Interpretive Center. Located in Ravenel, Caw Caw is a wildlife escape that is full history and beauty. Once part of several different southern rice plantations, Caw Caw now has a maze of interconnected dirt trails and boardwalks that meander through old rice fields. The fourth graders were taken on two separate tours while visiting. One tour was an amazing step back in time to share detailed information on how indigo was established in South Carolina. Indigo, a plant that produces a blue dye, was an important part of South Carolina’s eighteenth-century economy. It was grown commercially from 1747 to 1800 and was second only to rice in export value. Carolina indigo was England’s primary source of blue dye in the late-colonial era. The children saw an example of fabric being dyed with true indigo. Then, each student was given the opportunity to dye their own shirt with Carolina Indigo.

The second tour the fourth graders embarked on was a nature hike experience! An informative lesson on Native Americans and the use of the natural resources taught the kids about leaves, animals, and flowers originating in the Low Country. They learned the Native Americans did not waste any part of nature. With help from the tour guide, the students were given a chance to make fire with local stones and boards. The students also took on the task of making a cordage rope from raffia. The field trip wrapped up with a lovely picnic under the cypress trees. The next time you’re looking for a great family outing, put on your comfortable shoes, grab some water and make a day trip to Caw Caw! Thank you Ms. Meadows, Mrs. Snook, and Miss. Wulff for a lovely trip!

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