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Senior Seminar Is The Capstone Of A PCA Education

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The papers have been written. The presentations have been prepared and practiced. It's an exciting week for our senior class as they give their Senior Seminar Presentations, the culmination of an entire year's worth of work.

Separated into categories such as Future Technologies, The Supernatural & Medical Issues, Societal Issues & Politics, Conservation & Medical Issues, Sports Science, Space Colonization and the Arts, and Societal and Medical Issues, the Class of 2023 has worked since September with teachers Mrs. Kristi Ugland and Mrs. Marcia Siebert, as well as with the many senior mentors who volunteered their time to help each of the seniors fully understand, present, and defend their thesis.

“I love the Christian worldview that PCA is instilling in our students,” said ECBC Pastor and senior mentor, Danny Beech. “The Biblical perspective on life, morality and family is becoming more and more foreign in the culture at large and these senior projects are helpfully forcing our students to reckon with what God has commanded while still loving our lost neighbors, family, and friends. My time with senior Cole Seitz has been rich and meaningful as we have discussed matters of eternal consequence. The Biblical worldview of his thesis quickly pours out beyond his particular topic and relates to the total sum of the human experience: that every human is a sinner, broken before a perfect God, and is in desperate need of a savior, Jesus Christ.” 

“We are extremely proud of the Senior Class and their hard work in the Thesis Seminar Course this year!” said both Mrs. Siebert and Mrs.Ugland. “This has been a yearlong journey for students, and we are proud of the effort each student has put into his/her area of research. They have been diligent in seeking the truth about their subjects and are excited to share what they have learned and what God has illuminated for each one of them."

The Process & Privilege Of American Citizenship

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Caroline Atkinson’s second grade class has been learning about the United States government and what it means to be, as well as how to become, a U.S. citizen. Lucky for them, one of their classmates' dad’s, Michael Shuttleworth, has dual citizenship in both England and the United States! Shuttleworth came in to speak to the students and share his experience.

He began by explaining the process of receiving a visa and green card (as well as what each of those documents meant). He also shared his personal story of citizenship, and what that looked like as far as getting together the correct documents, taking a test, and being sworn in as a U.S. citizen. 

“It was great getting to explain to the kids what an amazing privilege they have of being born in America,” explained Shuttleworth, ”and all the freedoms that includes.” 

Naturally, our second graders' inquisitive minds led to many questions:

“Have you ever met the Queen of England?’ 
Answer:I’ve not met the queen but I got to see her at the Highland Games, which was smaller than a Battery game. She was standing about 50 yards from me with a bunch of the royal family!”

“Which passport do you use?”
Answer: “English to get into England, American to get back into America. It really cuts down on the lines. Plus, I feel cool, and I get a ‘welcome home’ at both ends.”

It was a wonderful opportunity for students to hear first hand about the process that they had spent so much time reading and learning about!

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