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Preschool Press: Beautiful Butterflies

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Our 4-year-old preschool students have spent the past few weeks raising butterflies in the classroom. They gained first-hand knowledge about the butterfly life cycle and the beauty of God’s creation. In addition to reading about butterflies in our classes, we encouraged the children to observe and talk about what they saw using new vocabulary words such as chrysalis and metamorphosis. Setting the butterflies free was an exciting experience for our little learners!

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Celebrating The Greatest Story Ever Told!

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With Easter right around the corner, third graders celebrated the story of the resurrection of Jesus in a meaningful and colorful way. Each week, our Bible curriculum includes PowerPoint presentations where the lesson has the weekly Bible memory verse and the daily message. The goal in putting these lessons together was to help the students understand the material and, more importantly, help them understand how to walk out their faith in Christ.

And what better way to tell the greatest story ever, then to add some color? To give students a visual reminder of the Easter lessons, we used watercolors and stick-on symbols to decorate twelve Easter egg templates that told different parts of the Easter story and posted them on the bulletin board. Underneath each egg, we posted a scripture passage that explains the symbols that we used. Each day, the students were excited to talk about the symbol and several commented that they like to take their work home to hang in their room so they can remember the lessons! As I step out of teaching this year, I want more than anything for these seeds to grow in the students’ hearts and, eventually, to yield much fruit!

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