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Preschool Press: God Created Animals

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The two-year-old Preschool classes have been learning all about how God takes care of us and His creation. We have explored the animals of the farm and how the farmer cares for them and grows food. The kids will go on “wagon rides”, learn how to shuck corn and snap beans and make homemade applesauce. They will also taste milk and cheese from the cows. Along with Creation, we have been learning that God took care of Noah and the animals on the ark. The kids have enjoyed an animal parade, “horseback riding” and creating many of the animals that live on the farm.

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PCA Students Attend Endure Apologetics Conference 2022

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Life: Origin. Value. Purpose. These words made up the theme of this year's Apologetics conference that was held at Charleston Southern University. Last Friday, PCA’s Juniors and Seniors, under the guidance of Bible teacher, Quinn Disrud, and History teacher. Dr. Roger Weaver, were able to attend this thought-provoking conference.

The purpose of the Endure Conference is to act as a “catalyst for helping students understand how the Bible defines life's origin, details life's true, eternal value, and declares life's ultimate purpose. Endure prepares high school students under university professors who specialize in Theology, Student Ministry, Philosophy, and the Old and New Testament.”

Students listened to Keynote Speaker Dr. Brent Crowe, Vice President of Leadership University in Orlando, Florida speak before dividing into Breakout sessions which focused on topics such as “Paul and the Meaning of Life”, “Life in the Body,” and “Mission and the Defense of the Diversity of Life.”

“It was educational in learning about the origin and purpose of life through interactive stories!” agreed members of the Junior class.

“The Endure Conference was a great opportunity for our kids to dive deeper into Christian World and life views!” explained Dr. Weaver. 

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