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The 10th Grade DC Trip: Exploring Our Nation's Capital!

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There's no better time than Spring to explore monuments, museums and memorials in Washington DC! Our 10th grade class, under the guidance of chaperones Kim Moser, Kelly Matthews, Charlie Wulff, and James Ugland, recently returned from a 5 day trip to our nation's capital, on the first annual 10th grade DC trip.

“The reasoning behind the trip is for students to learn about our country’s beginnings through a biblical lens,” explained Mr. Ugland. “They get to see God all throughout our country’s capital. They will also grow together as a class spiritually. We scheduled time to spend in God’s Word each day as we traveled around DC and had some amazing time in fellowship with one another.”

The group stopped by many of the capital's historic memorials, such as the the WWII, Vietnam, Korean, Lincoln, Washington, MLK, Jefferson, and FDR, and toured some of the great museums, such as the Museum of the Bible, the Holocaust Museum, the Spy Museum, the National Archives and the Smithsonian. And of course, what trip to DC would be complete without stopping by the White House, the Supreme Court, and the Capital Building.

The students loved all the stops, but several made a lasting impact. “It was interesting to be exposed to topics we wouldn’t normally get to learn about,” said Ana Tyler. ‘Like, the Holocaust and Bible Museum.”

“Arlington Cemetery and the changing of the guards was really impactful”, said Hans Payne. 

And as they ventured to each site, one couldn’t help notice the beauty of the city itself. “The Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom,” explained Anne Lancaster. “They were beautiful.”

“This trip is so important because it impacts not only students from an educational standpoint but from a spiritual standpoint as well,” Ugland explained. “As we study God’s Word together near the monuments and museums we grow closer to our Lord as we recognize how He has always had His hand in our country.”

Water Mission International: Walk For Water 2022

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The Walk for Water is back in person this year, and PCA students, with 11th grade class advisor Dr. Roger Weaver, heading the team, were there to add to the steps! 

Walk For Water is a yearly fundraiser that supports the Christian nonprofit Water Mission that is working to solve the global water crisis which currently affects 2.2 billion people. To date, 7 million people have been served by Water Mission and more recently Water Mission has sent its Disaster Response Crew to help relieve the crisis on Ukraine’s borders. 

During the Walk for Water, participants, including eleventh and fifth grade students from PCA, walked approximately 1.5 miles to the midway point with an empty bucket. There, they filled their bucket with dirty water and carried it another 1.5 miles to the end of the Walk. 

“It was a beautiful day, for a great cause,” said eleventh grade advisor, Roger Weaver. “It was good to see so many people involved in helping other people.”

Overall, approximately 4,000 people took action to help end the global water crisis and together raised over $400,000!


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