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Spiritual Emphasis Week For Upper School

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Spiritual growth is a fundamental part of the educational experience at Palmetto Christian Academy, and there is no better testament to this commitment than Spiritual Emphasis Week. This special week is a time dedicated to prayer, worship, and reflection for upper school students (grades 6-12) and their parents. It's a time to come together, share, and strengthen their faith. 

This year’s Spiritual Emphasis Week was packed with various activities that allowed students to connect with each other and God in meaningful ways. A new addition this year was the "prayer walk" each morning in different areas of the school, followed by a time of praise and worship. Then during chapel services Wednesday through Friday, students had the privilege of hearing from faculty members, Dr. Jason Hauffe, Mrs. Marcia Siebert, and from a panel of seven high school students on the topics of being godly men and women.

Thank you to all who prayed for God to be at work in our students’ lives this past week! This was a week that deeply resonated with students and faculty:

As Bella De Los Reyes put it, "It was very impactful hearing from the students during Friday's Chapel. It gave us a deeper connection and taught me I am not the only one struggling with things."

Dr. Ryan Parker echoed this sentiment, "I loved having the combined chapel with middle and high school and hearing the different students' struggles and how to overcome them." These shared experiences and stories serve as a source of strength and guidance for all of our students.

George Greene highlighted the importance of the morning worship, stating, "I really enjoyed the morning worship. It was a great addition to this year's Spiritual Emphasis Week. I got to start out my week in a positive way." The power of beginning the day focused on Christ set the tone for the rest of the day.

 Dr. Hauffe, Upper School Bible Teacher, captured the essence of the week's impact, "I was overjoyed by the students, Mrs. Siebert, by the worship and by the conversations students are still having. Every step that is taken towards Christ is a place of great joy." These moments of spiritual growth and connection leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of the Upper School. We are continuing to pray for revival at PCA and the hearts of our students, faculty and staff. Would you continue to partner with us in prayer for God to be at work?

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Student Internships Connect Classroom Learning With Careers

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Internships provide a bridge between academic learning and practical application, preparing students for success in the professional workforce. At PCA, we offer high school students the opportunity to gain real-world work experience in a field of their choice, allowing them to explore different career paths. This year, we have students engaged in internships in a variety of industries including healthcare, politics, software development, marine biology, and education. Our three education interns are currently paired with three of our lower school school teachers.

"This is my first year having a student intern in the classroom and I am loving the extra set of hands twice a week," remarked Kindergarten Teacher Braden Cruz. "Greta will work with a small group of students, help children that need extra help during independent work, or even do a read aloud. The children love having a "big kid" in the classroom to look up to." 

Third grade teacher Tiffany Wulff expanded further on the program, "Each time Autumn comes into the classroom she is eager to learn and help in whatever way that she can. When she interacts with the students she does so with enthusiasm, which truly shows that has a heart for kids and education. I can't wait to see how the Lord shapes her future!"

It is an immersive learning experience for the students as well. Junior Seven Overcash explains, "Serving as a student teacher has been very helpful so far. I have learned simple things such as printing, grading, and filing. Along with putting grades in the gradebook, teaching in front of the class, and providing extra help to the students that need it. It has been so nice to work in a Christian environment and I am excited to see what the rest of the year will bring."

We will be highlighting more of our student interns and their jobs in future Eagle Edition articles. If your company is interested in hosting an intern, please contact Emily Faile, Academic Counselor at

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