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Computer Science Class Dives Into App Creation

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Today’s world is one that is filled with the latest and greatest of apps, so it would only make sense that PCA’s Computer Science class, led by teacher Robbie Kelly, learn a skill that is so popular in the workforce. 

“The students get to see how easy it can be to come up with an idea and turn it into an app as well as see how much planning has to be done to consider how someone will use an app and what will make them enjoy using it,” said Kelly. “It helps them develop deeper critical thinking skills by doing something completely new, but also by developing an intricate set of plans to create a noteworthy app that someone would want to use, then programming it to work as intended.”

Students gathered in small groups, and then picked a theme for their app. The topics ranged from a “quiz” style app that at the end will determine where you should go on vacation, to one that focused on general trivia. 

“This project is so much fun!” said Greta Anderson and Cokie Suddeth. “We get to use our imaginations and design a fun app!”

 Sophomore Titus Pettersen agreed. “It’s fun because along with creating the app we’re learning new things like debugging and avoiding problems on the computer while creating an app!”

Once they finish, their classmates will test out each of the apps. What a fun way to end the semester!

Generous Hearts Respond To Christmas Gift Catalog

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A generous heart blesses others.. this is a concept fully embraced by our PCA families. So when Mrs. Andrews third grade class found out that not only could they put together a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, but also give money that could be used to help communities, they didn’t hesitate in wanting to help.

“I had two jars of change at home and I wanted to do something meaningful with the money,” said Andrews. “The next day I received the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas Catalog and I knew that was how the Lord wanted me to spend my money. I was excited to shop for people around the world who had real needs. The next day I told my class about my change jars and the Samaritan’s Purse Catalog and right away my students asked if they could bring in money to help others as well. Of course, I said yes!"

And bring in money they did! Through contributing money from their own piggy banks to fundraising on their own (one lemonade stand brought in just over $200!), they came up with the total sum of $545!

With their collections, Mrs. Andrews' class choose to care for an orphan, buy two dozen baby chicks, purchase a hive of honey bees, bring clean water to a community, and restore sight to the blind, among other things.

Our servant hearted students never disappoint. We are thankful for their full and generous hearts.

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