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Student Council Keeps Our Streets Clean!

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“Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere” was the theme song as Lower School Student Council embarked on a community service project on Saturday, April 23. The group partnered with Charleston Surfrider to clean the main and side streets on Sullivan’s Island. Marlow, our clean up guide, discussed the importance of picking up trash not only on the beach, but also the streets near the beach as it would quickly reach the water. With bags, gloves, and vests, the lower school student council members and families went to work!

The most common item collected was cigarette butts, but the group also found many plastic cups, aluminum cans, metal car parts, pool noodles, and even Christmas lights! One student found a smart watch near the local elementary school, and they were able to return it back to the child that lost it! The project was a wonderful success. Many thanks to Ms. Hanzsche for her hard working organizing this event!

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Celebrating Our Beloved Grandparents!!!

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For the first time in two years, we welcomed grandparents, parents, and families of every lower school student back to campus for our highly anticipated Grandparents Day event, directed by the talented Pam Hall. It was a full house as every seat in the Worship Center was filled. 

Each grade had a special way of not only letting their Grandparents know how important they are in their lives but also to help them remember “the good ole days”. 

The program began with a welcome song and Bible verse competition between kindergarten and fifth graders (“I’m So Glad to Be Here”, and "B-I-B-L-E"), followed by a flashback of when “gyrating hips” could get you thrown in the “big house” (“Rock Around the Clock” and “Jailhouse Rock”), a reminder of the importance of stretch breaks and memory exercises (Stand Up Sit Down), a pleasant memory of a time when kids didn’t talk back ("Yakety, Yak!"), and a reminder that even when you least expect it, a party could break out ("Splish, Splash").

Along with the fun, the lower school made sure to let their grandparents who served in the armed forces know how much their service was appreciated, as the band and second grade came together to sing a heartfelt salute to each of the military branches. 

The morning ended with a dance party ("La Bamba") led by Señora Pabst, a blessing and special prayer led by Mr. Zubia and grandparents Ronnie and Donna Salley, and an encore performance of “My, Jesus”, sung by the entire lower school that left not a dry eye in the house.

Afterwards grandparents headed to their grandchildren’s classes through hallways that resembled walls of a downtown art gallery. Excited students ran to sections of the hall, eager to show off their works. PCA’s amazing art teachers Nicole Seitz and Kylie Siegwald, who not only have a heart for their students but also for the works that they teach, presented art of various styles in a way for all to be able to see and appreciate.

With tokens of love made by their grandchildren in their hands, and happy memories in their hearts, we sincerely hope our PCA grandparents left our campus knowing how much we love and appreciate them!

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