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Psychology Students Gain Experience In Mock Counseling Sessions

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We’re thrilled to share the latest highlights from this past year from our Psychology program led by Webb Barnes. Over the course of the year, students researched various mental health topics, engaged in mock counseling sessions, and wrote about these topics applying gospel truth to real life situations. 

In their final project, students conducted 50-minute-long mock counseling sessions where one student role played an individual with their researched diagnosis and another student would engage them in conversation and provide godly counsel. 

For example, Morgan Walters’ cumulative coursework provided a powerful learning experience when he embodied his research into anxiety and played the role of someone struggling with anxiety. 

Mr. Barnes emphasized how this learning experience fostered important skills: “This experience taught the students essential communication skills. If they can provide biblical counsel, they build friendships and resiliency will grow. At the very least, they learned to sit shoulder to shoulder with someone, to be present, and to share the gospel. I love it!” 

We are so grateful for all of our wonderful faculty who create meaningful lessons and academic experiences that integrate the gospel into every content area!

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