Athletic Teams




Our JV team consists of 5th through 10th grade students, and our Varsity team is 6th through 12th grade. Tryouts for these teams are usually held on the last Thursday-Friday of July. Practices will be held after school at the I’On pool, and swim meets will typically be on Saturdays.


2021 SWIM roster

Evans Baker, 9th Grade
Ava Benton, 8th Grade
Zac Brennaman, 9th Grade
Ava Butterworth, 12th Grade
Ashley Deweese, 9th Grade
Paisley Dybowski, 12th Grade
Zella Horton, 11th Grade
Josie Hurley, 8th Grade
Alexis Law, 8th Grade
David Pabst, 12th Grade
Lauren Pabst, 9th Grade
Bailey Pinson, 7th Grade
Jordy Romine, 6th Grade
Cole Seitz, 11th Grade
Isabell Sese, 8th Grade
Sam Smith, 9th Grade
Joseph Terry, 9th Grade
Jake Vandergrift, 6th Grade
Evie Vesper, 12th Grade
Abigail Walters, 10th Grade
Gavin Wease, 9th Grade                                                                                                                                                    

Head Coach: Meridith Kellam
Athletic Director:
Dale Hoover