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Varsity Volleyball


Varsity volleyball

The Varsity Volleyball team typically holds tryouts on the last Thursday-Friday of July. Practices are typically from 5:15-7:15 pm, with the exception of most Wednesdays, which are combined practices with the JV team, ending at 6:00 pm. Games are usually played Tuesday and Thursdays, but can be held any day of the week. Tournaments take place on Saturdays.



#1 - Charlee Olson, 12th Grade
#2 - Maggie O'Hanley, 12th Grade
#3 - Zoe Butterworth,  9th Grade
#4 - Cokey Suddeth, 9th Grade
#5 - Zoe Suarez, 8th Grade
#6 - Rachel Andrews, 12th Grade
#7 - Kaila Guyan, 11th Grade
#8 - Sophie Michel, 12th Grade
#9 - Jordan Benfield, 11th Grade
#10- Sally Cease, 12th Grade
#11- Ana Tyler, 10th Grade
#12 - Kendall Anderson, 12th Grade

Head Coach: Shelly Kaiser
Athletic Director: Dale Hoover