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Cross Country


Cross Country

The JV Cross Country team consists of 5th through 10th grade students, and Varsity consists of 6th through 12th grade. There are no tryouts. Practices are at 3:45pm and meets will be Wednesdays and Saturdays.

2021 CROSS COUNTRY roster

Colin Johnson, 12th Grade
Cooper Anderson, 11th Grade
Davis Johnson, 11th Grade
Eli Meier, 6th Grade
Ella Banks, 12th Grade
Ethan Gawryluk, 9th Grade
Greta Anderson, 9th Grade
Hans Payne, 10th Grade
Miles Johnson, 6th Grade
Mitchell Walters, 12th Grade
Morgan Walters, 12th Grade
Parker Pinson, 7th Grade
Ross McMahon, 5th Grade
Sara Belle Boyles, 10th Grade
Scotty Wrenn, 9th Grade
Sully Smith, 12th Grade
Tabitha Hewitt,  7th Grade
Thomas Patrick, 12th Grade
Trey Hunt, 12th Grade

Head Coach: Dale Hoover
Assistant Coach: Jay Gottesman
Athletic Director:
Dale Hoover