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Cross Country


Cross Country

The JV Cross Country team consists of 5th through 10th grade students, and Varsity consists of 6th through 12th grade. There are no tryouts. Practices are at 3:30pm and meets will be Wednesdays and Saturdays.

2018 CROSS COUNTRY roster

Greta Anderson, 6th Grade
Audrey Breen, 6th Grade
Kwyncee Crager, 6th Grade
Henry Goldsmith, 6th Grade
Addison Hewitt, 6th Grade
Cooper Anderson, 7th Grade
Hans Payne, 7th Grade
Alexa Schaaf, 7th Grade
Yannah Seaberry, 7th Grade
Katie Grace Vandergrift, 7th Grade
Allison Kammer, 8th Grade
Anna Terry, 8th Grade
Ansley Adams, 9th Grade
Ella Banks, 9th Grade
Thomas Patrick, 9th Grade
Mitchell Walters, 9th Grade
Gage Kennington, 10th Grade
Gabe Moser, 10th Grade
Hamilton Blair, 11th Grade
Becca Bowers, 11th Grade
Ellie Creed, 11th Grade
Gracie Kammer, 11th Grade
Catherine Cave, 12th Grade
Cole Silvester, 12th Grade

Head Coach: Steve Featherstone
Athletic Director: Dale Hoover
Athletic Assistant: Alyssa Woodhall