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Celebrating Black History Month

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February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black Americans throughout our nation's history. PCA classes are diving into various lessons and activities to bring to light some famous, and some not so well known figures. 

“My goal is to educate my students beyond what the History books tell them about the history of African Americans, and to truly celebrate them for all they have overcome and accomplished as they made an impact on our American History,” said fourth grade teacher, Tiffany Wulff. “Some figures we focus on are ordinary, others are extraordinary, such as Ruby Bridges, Benjamin Banneker, Thurgood Marshall, Mae Jemison and many others.”

Mrs. Watson’s kindergarten class studied Ruby Bridges, and after reading her story, decorated glasses that said, “BRAVE” across the top.

Art teacher Nicole Seitz is bringing the artistic styles of several figures to life through the eyes and hands of her students. “We are starting a Jonathan Green (“one of the foremost American Painters depicting the southern experience”) inspired series in 6th grade and studying Philip Simmons wrought iron gates in 7th grade." Seventh Grader Landry Bowen even created a sketch of Simmons.

Many other historical figures are also being celebrated throughout the content areas by way of authors, poets, writers, and musicians!