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Chick-fil-A Leader Academy Members Enjoy Kickoff Experience

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28 of our high school students are serious about taking their leadership skills to a higher level. That's why they applied and were accepted into the Chick-fil-A Leader Academy.. a national leader program that provides students the platform they need to transform their schools and impact their communities.  

In last week's Kickoff Experience, Chick-fil-A Leader Academy participants were busy packing care kits and writing personal thank you notes for our service members deployed overseas. 

During this 7-month curriculum, participants will learn about vision and values, servant leadership, innovation and teamwork.. then together they will create and lead an impact project in our community.  

Freshman Rachel Andrews says she is looking forward to learning how to be a better leader by connecting with her peers and the community, "I think it's important to serve because you can really make a change in your community and help someone in need and you feel better when you give back to others." 

We are incredibly thankful for our Chick-fil-A sponsor Josh Malone! Without his support, this opportunity would not be available for our students!