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Combining History & Art In Exploring Native American Culture

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Hands on learning brings history to life! It's only the second full week of school and our PCA students are already hard at work. 

Fourth grade teacher Katie Hyman explained that their classes"...are studying Native Americans and how their environment influenced what type of home they lived in, what they ate, and how they dressed." So when the fourth grade teachers found out that the first unit in art class this year was clay, they had an idea.

"They wanted to integrate Native American art [into class]" said art teacher Anna Boyer, "and I was happy to try a new project! I picked out teepees so that students would be able to carve the symbols into the walls of their homes, which are discussed in their history unit, while also working in 3D for the Clay Unit."

Fourth grader Boone Byham said that he liked combining art and history because, "we got to learn how teepees were built [in class] and then we got to make our own."

Combining these important lessons with art is an experience that will certainly go down in fourth grade history. 


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