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Creepy Critters in Kindergarten Classrooms!

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Insects! What has six jointed legs, a thorax, and compound eyes? Insects! Matt Olson with the Charleston County Environmental Education came to do an "in-house" field trip with PCA's kindergarten classes. Olson taught our kindergartners about the many characteristics of these creepy animals, including why insects are beneficial to the environment. When asked what he learned from Olson's lesson, kindergartener Ford Silvester said, "I learned that bugs have six legs and that a fly's eyes can see all around on all sides!"

To bring the fun facts to life, students worked together to "build" and act out the life of an insect. At the end of the session, Olson brought out a hissing cockroach for the students to "pet". Ava McCoy enjoyed the interaction, "I really liked when we got to pet the cockroach because I like animals and bugs and nature." It's guaranteed that our kindergartners will be "buzzing" about this event in the days to come!