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FCA At PCA: Making Disciples By Empowering Athletes

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Student Life at PCA extends far beyond the classroom with a diverse array of student activities and clubs, including FCA. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) continues to be a source of encouragement and connection for students. Led by East Cooper Baptist High School Pastor, Alec Emenhiser, FCA has witnessed much fruit in the lives of students:

“The goal is to share Christ with students and to encourage them to follow Jesus in their everyday lives. It is a joy to serve with the senior leadership team and I’ve enjoyed having PCA middle and high school students together," says Emenhiser. "After every FCA meeting I leave encouraged seeing students growing and wanting to make Christ known in their everyday walks.”

PCA student, Ana Lancaster, similarly enjoys the time of fellowship before school: 

“My favorite part of FCA is having fellowship with all ages of students. It’s a sweet time together with middle and high school students focused on growing in our walks with the Lord.”

FCA meets regularly every other week for a time of breakfast, games, and a speaker before school. While Alec Emenhiser organizes the speakers and the overall vision for FCA, senior student leaders lead practically each meeting by serving breakfast, hosting the games, and introducing speakers. If your student has not joined FCA, the senior leadership team would love for your student to come and be a part of what God is doing through this ministry. 

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