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Fourth Grade Hosts First Annual Poetry Recital!

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On Friday, May 10, PCA Fourth Graders hosted their inaugural poetry recital in the Worship Center. Parents and guests were invited to attend this unique occasion. “I decided to begin this tradition during our poetry unit this Winter as a way for students to take ownership of poetry recitation,” stated fourth grade teacher, Charity Light.

Each student was able to choose any poem by any author as long as it had at least 10 lines in length, and were encouraged to explore longer ones. Students were drawn in to poetry once they were introduced to the work of Shel Silverstein. Some students chose funny poems and others chose serious ones. Student Karlee Sisk said, “I liked that we were the first grade to participate in the Poetry Recital.” 

In addition to poetry recitation, students were required to have at least one visual aid. They could also dress in costume and bring poster boards with information on their poem or utilize props.

“I am so excited about the inaugural Poetry Recital. Kudos to Mrs. Light and the fabulous fourth graders. This was such a great classical educational experience,” exclaimed fourth grader teacher, Jeanette Snook.

We hope this new tradition will continue for years to come. 

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