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Junior Class Experiences Annual College Tour

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PCA's Junior Class continued our college tour tradition last week with visits to Wofford, Clemson, and Anderson. While students collected a great deal of factual admissions data, what they enjoyed most was learning about the distinctives of each school. Of special interest were Wofford's support of student entrepreneurship in "The Space," Clemson's placement of freshman students into classes in their majors for early exposure, and Anderson's high percentage of students who study abroad.

Learning about campus life was another highlight of the trip. Walking among current college students gave PCA juniors a sense of the student culture, and tour guides shared their personal experiences and campus traditions with the group. PCA juniors learned about the history of the Wofford Boston Terrier mascot, the turning of the Clemson ring,  and how to decorate a dorm room at Anderson.  For an even more in-depth experience, they went to Clemson's Fellowship of Christian Athletes worship service, had dinner with PCA alumni, and ate in college dining halls.  

The College Tour is one of Academic Counselor, Sally Pascutti's favorite PCA events. It is a memory-maker, but most importantly, "It introduces students to different types of colleges. It helps them to be informed and intentional about the places they pursue after high school," she says.

The Wofford, Clemson and Anderson tours were in addition to PCA's one-day trip to USC-Columbia in the fall. Many thanks to chaperones Dale Hoover, Quinn Disrud, Bill Schenkel, Kim Moser, and Julie Godwin who made this trip happen for our students!

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