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National Honor Society Fosters A Heart For Service

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One of our core values at PCA is to assist students in developing a passion for serving others. That value was recently put into action by four of PCA’s National Honor Society seniors along with their advisor Erin Grimsley.

The ladies volunteered to help paint decks at The Beautiful Gate Center, a school for children with disabilities owned by a family whose daughter graduated from PCA.

When approached with this opportunity, Grimsely did not hesitate. “National Honor Society is characterized by its four tenants: character, scholarship, leadership, and service,” she explained. “When we held our first meeting, I emphasized the importance of stewarding each of these pillars equally. Our students are of high character, they are excellent academically, and they demonstrate leadership within the school and community. It is my goal to instill in them a heart of service.”

And serve they did! The four girls, AnnaJaye Walters, Morgan Kammer, Mary Grace Booker, and Charlie Olson laughed and painted their way through the hot morning sun for a cause they felt called to help.

“Being at PCA I am blessed with a great education and an environment that fosters relationships,” AnnaJaye explained. “It broke me and my peers' hearts to hear that Beautiful Gate Center is the only site in Charleston specifically directed to give that educational and relational opportunity to children with special needs.” 

Each year NHS comes up with a focus and vision, and this year is no different. Grimsley says, “As a Christian school, it is our goal to follow Jesus and to conform to his image. Mark 10:45 states, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Our mission in NHS is to serve others, for I believe that service is the keystone that upholds the other three pillars of character, leadership, and scholarship."

And it is clear that NHS members agree. “After serving, I felt refreshed and convicted,” Walters said. “The leaders of that ministry radiate joy from a place of deep dependency on Jesus. They challenged me to see God’s kingdom in a broader way, and fired me up to be more surrendered in my day to day ministry.”