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PCA Has Taken Virtual Learning Overseas!

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We know that the love for PCA knows no bounds, and in some cases that extends over oceans and time zones. Current fifth grader in Mrs. Shogren’s homeroom, Ciana Neytcheva, has been a student at PCA since kindergarten. But when COVID cases began to grow, Ciana and her mother went to Bulgaria, a country in South-Eastern Europe where her parents were born and where they still have family. Not wanting Ciana to miss out on the PCA community, they opted for PCA’s Virtual Learning option. Ciana not only gave a Zoom presentation about her life in Bulgaria to her classmates, she also chatted with us via email about her experience living in Bulgaria while Virtual Learning at PCA.

Are you from Bulgaria? My parents are originally from Bulgaria. I was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 

What made you choose PCA? Me and my parents chose PCA because it gives us an opportunity to continue our Christian Education.

Were you ever an in-person student at PCA? Yes, I have been at PCA since kindergarten. This year due to Covid I have been doing school virtually.

What is your favorite part? My favorite part of virtual learning is not having to wake up early or getting ready to go to school.

With the 7 hour time difference, do you do "night school"? I start school at 4:15 pm and end at 9:45 pm, sometimes 10 pm, but when my classmates have lunch and recess I have dinner and a long nice break.

What is your favorite part about living in Bulgaria?  My favorite part about living in Bulgaria is being with my grandparents/relatives and learning about Bulgarian culture.

What are some activities that you can do there that are different from here in the states? For me, the only activity that is different from Charleston is using the buses and the subways on a daily basis.

Ciana and her family plan on returning to the States sometime early this year and we cannot wait to have them back in person!