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Senator Tim Scott Visits PCA

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Palmetto Christian Academy was honored to welcome special guest, Senator Tim Scott, to our school on Monday morning. The Student Life Center was bursting with energy as students in Grades 1-5 enthusiastically waved their American flags preparing for the Senator's appearance.

The program began with a Welcome by Lower School Principal, Tracy Cox, followed by the Lower School SGA students leading the students in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, Bible, and Christian Flag before SGA President Southerlyn Surratt introduced Senator Tim Scott to PCA.

“I got to be a part of something big,” explained Surratt. “...and I got to hear words from a wise man.”

As the students began the Question and Answer segment, Senator Scott’s responses gave the audience a peek into his upbringing and his career.

“You don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from,” Scott said as he continued to share how his faith helps him daily by reminding him to always be kind. He spoke about how the country's foundation was built on biblical truths and he often looks to Matthew 25:23, “Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things,” to remind himself of his roles.

One student asked how he got into politics, and the answer was surprising! As it turns out, repeatedly talking in class (and getting detention as a result) paved the way for his life in politics. The Senator's 8th grade teacher had asked him several times to stop talking in class, and at the end of class his teacher told him he needed to run for Student Council, where he could use his love for talking for good. Senator Scott took her advice, and the rest is history!

Scott took the stage and began by sharing how his love for the Lord influences his daily decisions. He starts each day by reading God's Word. He explained that when he begins his day reading the Bible, then he knows he's better equipped for the day and the decisions he will make.

As the session was wrapping up, a first grader who passionately waved his hand to ask a question caught the eye of Senator Scott. Christian Bassily, a student in Mrs. Gift's first grade class, asked the question that was no doubt on the minds of many, “What are you looking forward to if you become president?” 

Following a bit of sweet laughter from the audience, Scott didn’t hesitate when he answered,"Restoring hope, creating opportunities, and protecting the America we love motivates me every day. If it leads me to the position of a higher office, to God be the glory. And if it does not lead me to a position of higher office then to God be the Glory!”

“Today was such a red letter day in the 30 years of PCA,” exclaimed fourth grade teacher, and orchestrator of this event, Jeanette Snook. “Senator Tim Scott so proudly proclaimed his love for education, South Carolina, The United States of America, and his faith.”

News Channels 2, 4 and 5 as well as the Post and Courier covered the event. After Senator Scott's presentation, Southerlyn and fellow classmate William Newbern were asked to speak to Channel 4 News. “It was cool being on the news,” said Newbern, “and being able to show my school to the people of the tricounty area!” 

Thank you, Senator Scott, for visiting PCA and reminding us that it doesn’t matter if you are a Senator or a student, it's important to start each day in the Word and to trust God in all things.