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Student Council Election Day Tomorrow!

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While much of the nation will be heading to the polls tomorrow to determine the outcome of a variety of races, PCA's lower school students are also preparing to cast their votes in an important election!

 Students will select the leaders for this year's Lower School Student Council. The council includes the executive team made up of:

5th grade President

5th grade Treasurer

4th grade Secretary

4th grade Vice President 

 Two representatives (boy and girl) from each grade, 3-5, will also sit on the council.

The candidates have invested a great deal of time preparing for the big day. It's clear that they must show a genuine desire to represent their classmates in this leadership role. After putting in an application, the candidates went through the primary vote. The campaigning has been impressive! Once the field was narrowed down, the remaining candidates were able to present speeches to their classmates on why they are the right person for the job! Students will then head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8 to cast their final vote.

 Good luck to all of the candidates!