COVID-19 Updates

updated covid protocols (1/3/22)

Due to the recent COVID surge, effective Monday, January 3 and for the next 2 weeks, all PCA faculty, staff, students, and visitors will be required to wear a mask at all times while on our campus. The only exceptions will be during official mask breaks, during lunch or anytime students are eating or drinking, and during recess or PE class. 

We will continue to follow the current DHEC 10-day quarantine guidelines for all symptomatic COVID positive cases. For close contacts, the quarantine period has been shortened to 5 days but ONLY if the person is asymptomatic. The student or staff member can then return to school with a mask on.  For household contacts, the quarantine period remains the same as before with testing allowed no earlier than 5 days after exposure and return after 7 days with a mask if test is negative. 

The PCA Board will meet again at the end of the two-week period to reevaluate the policy. 

updated covid protocols (8/21/21)

Effective immediately through September 24, we have updated our COVID protocols. These protocols will be reevaluated after 30 days. 


PCA COVID-19 Dashboard

In an effort to keep our PCA community informed, we are providing a COVID dashboard which provides details regarding the number of students and faculty who test positive for COVID and the numbers regarding those in quarantine.  This report will be updated regularly.



Healthy Kids, Healthy Campus: A Purposeful start

What will 2021-2022 look like at Palmetto Christian Academy? Discover what protocols will be in place on our campus in response to COVID-19 and how our leadership team prayerfully made these decisions. 

As PCA navigates the pandemic to continue to provide a quality Christian education for your children, we are committed to the following:

  • Pray for God’s provision and covering over the PCA/ECBC community
  • Keep the PCA school community safe and operate the school as close to how it functioned prior to the pandemic as possible
  • Use scientific data and take stakeholder feedback into account when making important decisions regarding operations during this pandemic
  • Encourage parents to take personal responsibility and partner with the PCA leadership in keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe
  • Communicate well and often to our PCA community
  • Be prepared to adjust operations quickly as conditions warrant
  • Provide excellent opportunities for students to thrive spiritually, academically, and socially

God's Faithfulness in 2020-2021

The Lord’s covering was evident when Palmetto Christian Academy resumed in-person learning last fall and remained open throughout the 2020-21 school year.  Let’s thank God for His mercy and grace as we were able to be in school for all 180 days with no significant health issues among our student body.

Guidance from dhec, cdc, and health officials for schools

  • Schools should work with local public health officials, consistent with applicable laws and regulations, to determine the prevention strategies needed in their area by monitoring levels of community transmission and local vaccine coverage, and use of screening testing to detect cases in K-12 schools.
  • Masks are still strongly recommended when indoors in a school setting.
  • Faculty, students, and parents are encouraged to get vaccinated.
  • “Schools should apply knowledge of their setting and prior experience to inform their mitigation strategies for this school year.” (Dr. David Rubin, CHOP)

PCA's Health and safety protocols for 2021-2022

Face Coverings

PCA will begin the school year with a "mask optional" policy.  Students and staff have the option of wearing a face covering while on campus; they will not be required at this time.  Our teachers will be given the latitude to wear masks if they choose to do so when working in close proximity with students. 

School Activities and Events

As we begin the school year, we plan to resume normal activities to include parent orientations, weekly chapels, field trips, and performances. 

Mitigating Strategies

PCA's facilities staff and teachers will remain vigilant about disinfecting high-touch surfaces frequently throughout the school day.  While daily temperature checks will not be enforced on campus, we encourage parents to be certain their children are not experiencing any COVID symptoms each morning before sending them to school.  Any students who are feeling unwell should plan to stay home until they are symptom and fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Other mitigating strategies include: 

  • Distancing of at least 3 feet whenever possible 
  • Hand washing and use of hand sanitizer 
  • HVAC modifications and portable filtration systems 
  • Contact tracing and quarantining pursuant to DHEC guidance

Purposeful, Proactive, And Pliable

In an effort to keep our student safe and in school, the PCA Administration and COVID Response Team will continually  monitor COVID cases and exposures and report daily to the PCA Board. The PCA Board and Headmaster will use this reporting to assess the condition of the school community and make changes to our COVID procedures as needed. PCA reserves to right to modify COVID policy up to and including implementing a mask mandate for the entire school, quarantining classes or grades, and even closing the school for a designated period of time to protect our staff and families.

response to cases

Keeping our campus safe requires a commitment from each one of our PCA families.  If your child has a fever or other COVID symptoms,  keep your child home.  Please contact the school nurse immediately if you are caring for a family member who may be infected with COVID-19, or if you have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID-19. You may reach our school nurses at . Any medical questions should be directed to them. 

K-12 Student Quarantine Policy

  • Pursuant to DHEC guidance, students in K-12 who are unvaccinated (and have  not had COVID in the past 90 days) and are within 3 feet of a confirmed COVID positive case for a cumulative 15 minutes within 24 hours, will be considered close contacts and will be asked to quarantine for 10 days and can return to school provided they have no symptoms.
  • Pursuant to DHEC guidance, vaccinated students (and those who have had COVID in the last 90 days) and are within 3 feet of a confirmed COVID positive case for a cumulative 15 minutes within 24 hours, will not have to quarantine as long as they don’t show symptoms of infection.
  • In order to assist with the quarantining process, parents will be asked to show proof of vaccination for the student. Without it, the student who is a close contact will be asked to quarantine.

Faculty & Staff Quarantine Policy

  • Pursuant to DHEC guidance, ADULT teachers or staff members who are unvaccinated, masked or unmasked, and within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID positive case for a cumulative 15 minutes within 24 hours, will be considered close contacts and will be asked to quarantine for 10 days and can return if they have no symptoms.
  • Pursuant to DHEC guidance, ADULT teachers or staff members who are vaccinated (or who have had COVID in the last 90 days) and within 6 feet of a confirmed positive COVID case for a cumulative 15 minutes within 24 hours, will not have to quarantine as long as they don’t show symptoms.

PCA's Virtual Learning Program

Our Virtual Learning Program will be provided only for those students who have tested positive for COVID or for those who are mandated to quarantine by PCA. There will be a maximum two-day waiting period from the time the student is quarantined to the time he/she is able to attend classes virtually to allow our faculty and staff to set up the student in the virtual program.  

If my student qualifies, how does he/she enroll?

  • Contact the school nurse to verify a positive test and/or mandated quarantine.
  • Virtual learning will be set up and ready for student login TWO DAYS after initial enrollment. This is to allow teachers time to prepare and manage their workload.

What if I want my child to go virtual but he/she does not qualify?

  • School days will be treated as traditional absences. Students will get their homework when they return to school. They will have the number of days absent to turn in their assignments. 
  • Example - If a child is out 4 days, he/she will have 4 days to turn in work starting the day they return.

What if my child is sick?

  • Please keep your child home so he/she can rest and recover if they are sick.
  • Communicate with the school nurse and get a COVID test if advised.
  • If not COVID, missed days will be treated as traditional absences. Students will get their homework when they return to school.

What if someone in my household is at risk?

  • At this time, PCA is not able to offer the virtual program openly or long term.
  • Last year, less than 1% of our students were full-time, year-long virtual learners.

How long can I remain on the virtual program?

  • Students can attend virtually for the number of days that are approved by the school nurse who will be following DHEC guidelines.

Remember, Our POlicies are dynamic

As you know, state recommendations regarding COVID and case numbers in our area can change rapidly. With that understanding, PCA and its families must be flexible in regards to protocol adjustments throughout the school year. 

We pledge to communicate as clearly and as promptly as possible any changes to school, local, state, or federal policies that will affect our PCA community. We will pivot as necessary to protect our faculty, staff, students and families. Most importantly, we will continue to seek the Lord for wisdom and protection!