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Doing Relationships Well: The Tie That Binds

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Relationships are some of the most precious gifts that can bring us tremendous joy. At PCA, even among the youngest ages, we strive to promote and protect relationships, working to cultivate love and respect for one another.

In Kindergarten, those bonds began forming in the very first days of school as students in Mrs. Alex Alford's class created "All About Me" bags. Students brought in items from home and then shared with the class the things inside their bags.

"We love doing “All About Me” bags at the beginning of the year because it really gives the kids a chance to connect with one another," said Alford. "Kindergartners often come in feeling nervous so it’s important to build relationships right away. They love hearing about their friends and sharing about themselves and finding things that they have in common. It also gives the students a chance to learn more about me because I do my own bag, too!"

May God continue to bless and grow these relationships throughout each student's many years at PCA!

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Critical Thinking Demonstrated In Senior Thesis Presentations

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Impressive. Informative. Inspirational. Our Class of 2023 spent three days last week presenting their Senior Thesis projects, and audience members were simply stunned at their command of knowledge and superb presentation skills. This is the culmination of a year long program which is the capstone of a PCA education.

"The Senior Thesis Conference displayed our students' ability to apply critical thinking skills at the highest level as they covered topics on veteran suicide prevention, the benefits and risks of vaccines, gender and the image of God, as well as many more thought-provoking and relevant topics," said Upper School Principal Sean Keiper. "Our seniors did an exceptional job articulating their research and sharing their perspectives with Biblical truths to support them." 

PCA's Senior Thesis course is required for all seniors, and provides excellent practice in collegiate level research and writing, preparing all PCA graduates for the rigors of college and life beyond. There was certainly a sense of accomplishment seen on the faces of our senior class once their presentations were complete. Great job Class of 2023!

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