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Charleston's History on Display

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After the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, on Monday, December 2nd, the third graders headed over the Ravenel Bridge for a fun and educational field trip! First stop was the South Carolina
Historical Society Museum on Meeting Street. An architectural treasure in its own right, the Museum is housed in a National Historic Landmark building and features interactive exhibits on the people, places, and movements that shaped our state and nation. The children were able to see maps, manuscripts, and artifacts illuminating moments in our state's past. A shared discussion was given also highlighting the Lowcountry's Cash Crops in 1800's, such as indigo, rice, peanuts, cotton, and tea. The children also discussed the history of the museum, how it housed documents, and ways it protected important city records from numerous natural disasters.

After a cool, sunny picnic in Washington Park, located next to the museum, the children walked the cobblestone roads to the Old Slave Mart Museum on Chalmers Street. The Mart was built in 1859, and this was where 35 to 40% of the slaves entered the United States. The Old Slave Mart Museum is considered the last surviving slave auction gallery in the state. It was used only briefly before the Civil War. The children used large informative graphics on the walls to answer scavenger hunt questions, and then they were able to have their questions answered by museum employees. Living in a town rich with culture and history, we feel honored to have such wonderfully informative field trips right over the Cooper! Thank you Mrs. Adkins, Mrs. Andrews, and Ms. Jones for planning such a wonderful learning experience.

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5th Graders Experience The Gift Of Giving

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"In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'" Acts 20:35

On the Friday before Thanksgiving break, the fifth graders visited Sweetgrass Village Assisted Living and experienced those very words from Paul in the book of Acts. The boys and girls knocked on doors, passed out gifts, visited with residents and ended with a program of singing and poetry recitation. The most beautiful part of the field trip was watching the students stretch their comfort level by asking the residents for their names so they can specifically pray for them throughout the year. The residents were honored and the students experienced the blessing of giving away gifts, time, talents and a bit of their hearts through prayer. We look forward to our follow up visit in March.

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