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Preschool Press: New Playground Bringing Smiles And Laughter

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Preschoolers are back in school and love their new playground equipment! Not only is it fun, but it is helping develop gross motor skills by climbing, interpersonal skills by pretending they are driving an ice cream truck, and the skill of sharing as they take turns climbing stairs and zipping down the new slides.

We are so excited to make lots of new memories playing with friends on this awesome new playground for preschool!

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Making An Impact! PCA's New Student Led Chapels For Upper School

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Meet Impact, PCA's new upper school chapel concept, which is a student-led team who plans and leads each chapel, and most importantly helps spread God's love and joy to the student body. Quinn Disrud, Bible teacher, and Kathy Thames, choir director, worked together on creating the team and act as mentors and advisors to the strong, dedicated students with the ultimate goal - to make an impact. The team meets Mondays at lunch to go over the weekly plan, decide on worship songs, discuss potential speakers, and more.

Olivia Martin, singer and pianist, describes her goal for Impact by saying, "This year, being a part of the Impact team I want to accomplish what it means to not only worship God by singing songs but worship him in every aspect of my life. I hoep that I can grow in being a part of a team and what it means to help lead others in worship!" The hope is that students become emboldened in their faith and walk with the Lord.  Along with the re-introduction of student-led worship, the Impact schedule will add small groups every other week beginning on September 11. 

The goal of small groups will be for students to challenge, sharpen, encourage, and compel one another to keep pursuing Christ.  The journey itself is intended to be communal. As students become captivated by Jesus they immediately get immersed in a community of peers who are on a similar journey. The direction of the journey will lead them to become students who have encountered God's love so much that PCA becomes filled with transformed people - people shaped by love. 

"I think my peers are really glad that we have brought the music back to Impact. I think it makes a big difference; we have a lot of improvement with this being the first year, and us figuring things out along the way. We are working very hard to make Impact as awesome and beneficial as possible," describes Gracie Kammer, planning team coordinator, as she highlights the excitement of the student body and the work put into each Impact by the team.  The team is excited to have a key role in the spiritual life at PCA and to unify the student body through faith!

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