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Preschool Press: Firemen Visit The Preschool!

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All the PCA preschool classes enjoyed a visit from the firemen to learn all about fire safety! The firemen showed us all their fire equipment and explained the purpose of wearing their uniform and gear.

The firemen talked about the importance of:

  • Developing a home fire escape plan for your family;

  • Making sure you have a working smoke detector in your home; and

  • Knowing the importance of staying away from things that are hot to avoid burns.

All of the children enjoyed climbing through the fire truck to see how the vehicle looks on the inside! To thank our firemen for their service to the community, we collected snacks and drinks for the fire station. Thank you to the local Fire Department for the visit to our school to make sure we all stay safe!

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Preschool Press: Reaching For The Stars

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Oh my stars!!! The two-year-old preschool classes continue learning about the week of creation. Students have been over the moon hearing the stories and singing songs about God’s busy week. We have recently studied Day 4 when God created the sun, moon and stars in the sky. He put the sun in the sky for daytime and the moon and the stars for nighttime. We celebrated the nighttime by wearing our pajamas to school and celebrated the sun coming up with a pancake breakfast!

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