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Preschool Press: God Created The Animals

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Moo! Oink! Neigh! The 2-year-old Preschool classes are studying about the animals God made on the farm. Painting barns, creating stick puppets, moooo-ving like farm animals and exploring plants growing on the farm are some favorite activities for this unit. Students have fun dressing like farmers and playing with toy barns. We are learning that the farmers take care of the animals like God takes care of us! 

Preschool Press: Learning The Letter "I"

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“I is for Instrument” in preschool! Did you hear the melodious songs coming from the preschool hallway? The three year old classes studied the Letter “I” and experimented with instruments of all shapes, sizes and sounds. We practiced counting the beats, listening to directions to stop and start the music, used all of our muscles large and small to move with the instruments, and sang some glorious songs for all to enjoy.

Practicing pre-reading skills doesn’t have to be boring! Preschool is a fun and exceptional place to learn!

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