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Preschool Press: The Story Of Easter

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Mrs. Corinne and Mrs. Katie’s preschool two's class had fun learning all about the Easter story. They enjoyed opening Resurrection Eggs and talking about the importance of each item they found inside. Afterwards they made a stained-glass cross out of red, yellow, green and blue tissue paper and sang “1,2,3,4,5,6,7 Jesus made a way to Heaven. Red and yellow, green and blue, Jesus died for me and you!!” 

On another day, they read The Donkey that No One Could Ride by Anthony DeStefano and waved palm branches while singing a fun Hosanna song. Later, they made a palm branch craft using strips of green paper and glue. 

Both days were full of fun activities that helped strengthen each student's fine motor skills, work on color recognition and most importantly learn about the importance of Easter!

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Preschool Press: Discovering The Letter "M"

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M is for mail! 

In this time of email and texts, our preschoolers were able to experience the joy of creating as well as receiving “snail mail”! 

We have been learning about the letter “M” in our preschool curriculum. These three-year-olds created stories, drew pictures, signed their names and practiced writing the letter “M” for their loved ones at home. They sealed the special red envelope with their creative work inside, stamped their mail and eagerly awaited the postal worker to bring it to them and their families at their homes. It was a “marvelous” ending to “M” week! 

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