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Preschool Press: Multisensory Fun & Learning!

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All of our 4-year-old preschool classes focus heavily on phonics in preparation for kindergarten! We help our students develop stronger literacy skills by combining listening, speaking, reading, and tactile or kinesthetic activities to phonics lessons. Multi-sensory instruction aides in reaching children’s personal learning styles while also engaging children’s interest with fun new ways to learn! In the 4’s we practice our letters the following ways:

  • Wet/Dry/Try: Students are given a chalkboard with the letter of the week or previously learned letters/numbers written on it in chalk. They take a mini “wet” sponge and trace, then trace the wet writing with a “dry” cotton ball, and take a mini chalk stick and “try” by tracing the letter outline. While they do this they repeat the letter name and sound “K says /k/“. Using the mini size items helps with fine motor and grasp too!

  • Sand writing

  • Shaving cream writing

  • Building letters with sticks and playdough

  • Drawing letters in the air

Learning is always fun in our preschool classrooms!

Preschool Press: God Created Animals

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The two-year-old Preschool classes have been learning all about how God takes care of us and His creation. We have explored the animals of the farm and how the farmer cares for them and grows food. The kids will go on “wagon rides”, learn how to shuck corn and snap beans and make homemade applesauce. They will also taste milk and cheese from the cows. Along with Creation, we have been learning that God took care of Noah and the animals on the ark. The kids have enjoyed an animal parade, “horseback riding” and creating many of the animals that live on the farm.

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