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Preschool Press: Reaching For The Stars

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Oh my stars!!! The two-year-old preschool classes continue learning about the week of creation. Students have been over the moon hearing the stories and singing songs about God’s busy week. We have recently studied Day 4 when God created the sun, moon and stars in the sky. He put the sun in the sky for daytime and the moon and the stars for nighttime. We celebrated the nighttime by wearing our pajamas to school and celebrated the sun coming up with a pancake breakfast!

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Welcome Back Preschool Eagles

The first day of preschool was so much fun! The excitement began when parents and siblings dropped off this morning! Preschool students spent time learning about their routines, playing together inside their classrooms, and taking a tour of our hallway and building. Students also enjoyed fun activities in their classrooms as they met new friends for the first time. Teachers were so excited to meet their new students and get the year started! Preschool students, teachers and staff all enjoyed our first day of Preschool! 

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