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Senior Seminar: The Capstone Of A PCA Education

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It's a particularly busy month for our senior class as they are gearing up for their very important Senior Seminar Presentations.

As part of their graduation requirement, seniors take a class called Senior Seminar. “The name fully reflects the fullness of the program,” said faculty member Kelly Cooper. “As we spend one quarter in discovery, looking at various arguments, analyzing and discussing them, to determine students' interests.” 

These presentations and papers are designed to mimic a bachelor's or master's thesis writing process and teach students how to research in a scholarly manner, work with a mentor, or chair, and how to defend their position against a panel of experts.

There are two Senior Seminar classes, the College Preparatory Class where students present

10-20 minute presentations in groups, on one of the six different topics that were studied throughout the year. Students are graded individually on their part of the presentation, their research, as well as teamwork. They also write a 5-7 page paper.

The Honors Class chose an argumentative topic of their choice, wrote a 15-20 page paper, and will give a 15-30 minute individual presentation.

When asked what they took away from this process, Senior Sophie Michel said, “Senior Seminar definitely helped me learn how to manage my time and resources. It also allowed me to expand my knowledge on a topic I'm passionate about. The course as a whole has prepared me for the future research projects I will be assigned next year in college.”

All are welcome to come and view the seniors' presentations which will take place in the Worship Center. 

Sharing God's Love With A Warm Meal

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Our senior girls’ small groups met together at Academic Counselor, Sally Pascutti's home for a time of fun, fellowship and food! They chopped, diced, stirred and mixed all the ingredients for a burrito bowl dinner to share with the Young Lives organization and the pregnant or parenting teens that it supports. The Young Lives ministry demonstrates God’s love by intentionally loving others through mentorship, community and living a life for Christ. 

Thank you to our senior girls, Mrs. Pascutti and Mrs. Ugland for sharing their time and talents to bless others!

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