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Celebrating Soil: Conservation Superstars!

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From farmers to engineers to archaeologists, soil is as good as gold. Preserving healthy soil and water for the good of the community and future generations is the job of The Charleston Soil & Water Conservation District. To promote awareness, the District invites local public and private schools to participate in a yearly poster contest. This year's topic: life in the soil, dig deeper.

Mrs. Adkins', Ms. Jones', and Mrs. Andrews' third grade classes decided to accept the challenge. The stipulation was that each class had to work together, using various media, to create one poster illustrating living things found in the soil.

Of course, PCA third graders excelled! Mrs. Andrews' class won the award for most creative with its "Life Down Under" poster. They used multi media to spotlight the habitats of moles, chipmunks, snakes, and even a bumble bee's nest while also stating that God provides the perfect environment for his creatures to thrive in.

Mrs. Adkins' class won 1st place in the 3rd grade division of Charleston County as well as the Best Overall Conservation Poster Award. The poster was titled "Got Soil?" with the question mark being a worm to add interest. Hence...creative! Her students also used various media to create worms, springtails, mites and arthropods, and very specific bacteria and fungi that live in the soil. Together, they were able to illustrate that God makes all things work together to make the soil healthy.

Both Mrs. Adkins and Mrs. Andrews will attend the awards banquet on May 22 at the Fort Johnson Marine Center. Mrs. Debbie Eckard from the Charleston County Soil and Water Conservation District will come to PCA on Monday, May 20, to present certificates and awards to the students.

How magnificent is it that PCA students can share their Christian worldview with others by participating in a poster contest! The Lord's name be praised!

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4th Graders Visit Oldest Public Park in America

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The 4th Grade class visited Magnolia Plantation on Friday. Magnolia Plantation is listed on the Natural Register of Historic Places and played important roles in the colonial settlement, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The glorious day was full of sunshine and fun as our students took the Nature Train and Slavery to Freedom Tour. Upon arrival, students were greeted by beautiful peacocks and able to witness God's abundant beauty as they saw nature in its rarest form. During the four-mile nature train ride, students saw alligators, herons, turtles and egret. It was a special treat to have Pastor Dick as our tour guide as he continued to bring all things back to our Creator, Jesús Christ. The students also learned about the history of the plantation and were able to tour slave cabins that were occupied until the last decade.

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