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Preschool Press: Celebrating Thanksgiving!

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Over the past few weeks, our preschoolers have learned about the Mayflower, the first Thanksgiving, and experienced many of the foods the pilgrims may have eaten. Some classes even experienced what vegetables look and feel like before they are cooked. Teachers enjoyed teaching children how to snap a bean and shuck corn. Lots of fun was had by all! Each class has enjoyed time with their friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. We are thankful for our parents who took the time to volunteer to help make this special!


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Learning Fire Safety and Giving Back

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The Preschool had their annual visit from the Mt. Pleasant fire department last week. It was a beautiful fall day as each class came outside to meet the firemen, learn some important information about fire safety, and tour a fire truck. They learned to call 911 in an emergency and to "stop, drop and roll!" if they smell smoke. They also saw a fireman dress in his fire suit and mask. Nora in 4B said her favorite part was "going inside the fire truck" and Molly in 3C said she liked giving the firemen a high five. The preschool collected snacks, water, and Gatorade all week to present to the firemen as a thank you. It was a great day to be at PCA Preschool!