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DNR Visit Brings Plenty of Excitement to 3rd Grade Classrooms

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The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) comes to PCA! On October 2, Ms. Jones, Mrs. Adkins, and Mrs. Andrews third grade classes had the opportunity to hear two of Charleston's DNR Law Enforcement Officers, Matt Beckett (who is also the husband of second-grade teacher, Denae Beckett), and Savannah Taylor talk about what the job of a DNR officer entails.

Beckett and Taylor made sure that the students knew how important being safe and following the law was even on the water. They described some of their many duties, including checking boaters' safety items such as their horns, as well as for valid boater registration. Third grader, Caleb Davis said, "I liked when they told us about what you need on your boat...I like fishing and the water [so it was good information]."

When asked what she thought was most interesting about the talk, third-grader Nya Watson said, "I thought it was cool that they got to handle alligators," and the rest of her classmates agreed.

Third grade teacher, Dorthy Jones said, "It was so interesting, and I think all of us learned a lot and have a whole new appreciation for this government agency as well as its employees."

Thank you to Officers Beckett and Taylor for blessing PCA with such a fun and important presentation.


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PCA State Choir Honors

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Five PCA students were recently selected for the prestigious SC American Choral Directors Association 2019 Honors and All State Choirs. Hundreds of students across the state auditioned back in May for a coveted spot in the Choirs.Students joined together on October 11-12 at Charleston Southern University where they rehearsed for hours with an internationally known director. The weekend culminated with an impressive concert of these talented students. Director, Mrs. Kathy Thames said, "PCA has such talented students. It was wonderful to see and hear our students doing something that God has created them to do."

Here is what our students had to say about their experience:

Charlee Olson: "It was just overall one of the most eye opening experiences for me just to see that there were other people like me who genuinely love the art of music."

Bella Mann: "It was such an honor to be a part of the state choir and a great opportunity to grow the gifts that God has given me."
Will Wheeler: "It was a delightful, intriguing and truly powerful experience."

Gibbs Fishburne: "I learned so much singing in different languages like Spanish and Russian. I couldn't help but smile and almost cry at times because it was so beautiful!"

AnnaJaye Walters: "All state was an amazing experience that I will never forget! It was such a blessing to grow alongside students from all over the state."

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