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STEM: Lower School Students Engineer for Safety

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In designing safe bridge structures, engineers must consider loads such as winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Such was the challenge for our lower school STEM students as they designed bridges, taking into account things like which design shape best supports a bridge. Students brainstormed ideas and collaborated on the best design for the most promising solution.  

Lower school STEM teacher Ellen Peek took the project one step further in challenging the children to also create tornado resistant structures. Each child worked on the design, creation and testing of various tornado shelters built by their own hands. The goal was to create a structure that would withstand wind and protect people. The kids did an incredible job! 

In the coming weeks, challenges in our lower school STEM classroom will include creating parachutes, park equipment, and working on coding skills. After winter break, students will start an exciting space unit! So be on the lookout for materials that can be sent in for this unit! 



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A Transformative Art Project

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PCA's art room received a beautiful makeover thanks to the many wonderful talents of our art students. Art 2 students were able to transform the old art cabinets with a mural celebrating the Lowcountry. The main image is an imaginative illustration of the ocean, while the smaller cabinets are filled with a marsh scene and an underwater seascape. 

Collaborative art projects are always an important aspect of the creative process, and large-scale pieces like this one bring color mixing and design to a whole new level! Many thanks to the Art 2 students for boldly transforming the art room!

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