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Spiritual Renewal Week: Connecting with God and Each Other

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This year's Spiritual Renewal Week was surely one to remember! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the whole upper school attended Impact for fun games, worship, and great messages. During Impact, the students were able to listen to Jimmy Kaiser and Ryan Parker's messages and were led in worship by PCA's very own student-led worship team. On top of that, students played games with candy and even participated in a 'finish the song lyrics' challenge. On Tuesday and Thursday, students were led by teachers in small groups. After listening to the speakers, students were separated by grade to discuss each message and to pray over one another.

Erin Fanning and Leah Klassen really enjoyed the addition of small groups this year. They both agreed that they got to know each other and connect better with new students and new teachers while growing in their faith. Adlai Moore said, "We were paired with girls we don't normally hang out with and we got to delve into conversations and topics we normally wouldn't."

 Bella Byham, a member of the worship team describes the week saying, "Spiritual Renewal Week was different this year. I think with worship, we could connect more. My favorite part was definitely when Mr. Kaiser asked during one of the worship songs that if you wanted to stand up to the world and stand up for God then stay standing during the song. I almost cried because nearly everyone in the room stood. It just made me so happy to see that our school is really changing for the better and for God. Also, I love being on the worship team because I get to do what I love most for God. I get to lead people closer to him, I get to be that one little piece in their life that could change it forever. I think that's what the rest of the worship team thinks as well."

This year's Spiritual Renewal Week greatly impacted students and helped them grow in their faith for God.

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3rd Graders Discover the Great State of South Carolina

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PCA's third grade classes were able to explore our state with a hands-on and ginormous map! Mrs. Adkins', Mrs. Andrews' and Ms. Jones' third grade classes were already enjoying learning about geography and how to read maps, so it was an incredible surprise when the South Carolina Geo Alliance offered to loan the students a classroom-size map of their state. The map was 24 by 17 feet and created by National Geographic.

 "Through USC we were able to get the giant map and have our students actually walk across our state! This experience allowed students to find our cities and towns, locate our rivers and lakes, and explore our borders with NC and GA. The students had to find different locations with partners and then we played team games," said Mrs. Adkins.

Having such a large resource encouraged students to participate in the learning process, but the students were not the only people who were excited about a new way of learning. Teachers, staff and anyone who walked by the entrance to the Welcome Center stopped in to see the fun. When asked what they liked most about this activity, Ryan Delany said, "I enjoyed learning about new cities and where they are located." While Sophia Doster enjoyed "...playing the boys vs. girls game." Overall, this activity was one that the students and teachers are sure to remember.


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