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Junior Class Experiences Our Annual College Tour

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The College Tour is an annual event for the PCA Junior Class, and the tradition continued last week with visits to Wofford, Clemson, and Newberry. Students collected a great deal of factual information such as application deadlines, admissions requirements, and majors, but what they enjoyed most was learning about the distinctives of each school. Of special interest were Wofford's creative Interim classes/travel/internships for the month of January, Clemson's placement of freshman students into classes in their majors for early exposure, and Newberry's high percentage of student-athletes. 

Learning about campus life was another highlight of the trip. Walking among current college students gave PCA Juniors a sense of the student culture, and tour guides shared their personal experiences and campus traditions with the group. PCA Juniors learned about the history of the Wofford Boston Terrier mascot, the turning of the Clemson ring, and the ringing of the Newberry bell at graduation. For an even more in-depth experience, they went to Clemson's Fellowship of Christian Athletes worship service, had dinner with PCA alumni, and ate in college dining halls.

The College Tour trip is one of Academic Counselor Sally Pascutti's favorite PCA events. It is a memory-maker, but most importantly, "It introduces students to different types of colleges. It helps them to be informed and intentional about the places they pursue after high school. When they identify the major, the college size and location, the career preparation support, and the scholarship opportunities that fit them best, then we can focus in specific programs that will help them reach their goals," she says.

The Wofford, Clemson, and Newberry tours were in addition to PCA's one-day trip to USC-Columbia and Presbyterian College in the fall. Many thanks to chaperones Karen Jackson, Quinn Disrud, Bill Schenkel, and Dean Creed who made these two trips happen for our students!

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Drayton Hall Brings Revolutionary War to Life!

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Over the past several weeks, PCA 2nd graders have been diving deep into the history of the Revolutionary War. Their minds have been full of wonder about the 1780's events involving the Loyalists, Patriots, battles, and lifestyles. So, no better way to put all the learning in motion than with a visit to local Lowcountry plantation, Drayton Hall.


Drayton Hall was built in 1738, and it remains the oldest unrestored plantation house still open to the public today. Located along the Ashley River, the home was built for John Drayton, Jr. by his father. The Draytons owned a network of fifty or more working plantations, and Drayton Hall is believed to have served as a home seat for the family. A Continental Army General occupied Drayton Hall as his headquarters for a brief period in 1782, and the entire plantation sustained significant damage from the Revolutionary War.  

During the visit, our 2nd graders were given several informative lessons all about Revolutionary War excitement on Drayton Hall plantation. They saw up close the uniforms the soldiers wore. In classrooms, replicas of each uniform were displayed, and each part of the uniform was described. A fun fact we learned was the British soldiers had a leather strap around their neck called a stock, and this was used to remind them to keep their heads up while marching. Next, each child saw up close the supplies soldiers carried while fighting, including weapons, eating utensils, money, and small games. Last, students learned how to march and take orders as if they were off to battle. Given a replica of a musket, they learned how to hold, aim, and shoot at the oncoming enemy. This was the highlight of the trip for sure! 

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