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Basketball Team Serves Home For Children

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After serving on the board at the Black Mountain Home for children for the last five years, I knew that it was a special place for our players to have an opportunity to serve, and fellowship with one another. Eyes were opened as the players heard testimonies of children who were growing up in a group home without their parents. Many tears were shed that night as they listened to the hardships that teenagers just like them, had to endure at no fault of their own. Our players connected with the children at the home through face painting and a pick-up game of basketball. Prior to the trip, players took the time to go through their gently used clothes, in order to donate to the Children's Home thrift shop.  Lastly, we did a two hour service project: raking leaves and helping clear out the yards on the campus. It's hard to put into words all that God did in each of our hearts. Jesus gives us many spiritual markers in our lives and this was one of them.  The time spent with these girls will go down as one of the most memorable times of my life. I cannot think of a more special group to share such spiritual and relational intimacy with than my players. Thank you PCA - we really are a school on Mission for Christ!

When asked about the time spent on the retreat, Olivia Horne said, "The retreat was a special time for both teams to grow closer and bond before playoffs.  God moved in big ways and it was a blessing to be able to serve the Black Mountain Home.  It helped us become one big family!"  Anna Jaye Walters commented, "I am so grateful that I got to grow deeper in my faith and closer to my teammates.  It opened my eyes and humbled me to see children who are facing hard obstacles but live with such joy and selflessness.  Experiencing it as a team made it so special."  Charlee Olsen reflected that "the trip was a great experience in so many ways.  It brought the two teams together as one and taught us to serve our community together.  It also grew us all in our faith tremendously."


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#Schools That Pray: PCA Students Gather to Pray Together

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We thank God for the privilege to lift up our voices to Him, knowing that He hears us. It was a day of reverence at PCA as each and every student from kindergarten through 12th grade entered the Sanctuary for a time of prayer. We joined Christian school leaders, teachers, parents and students across the globe asking God to pour out His spirit and fill our schools, communities and nations with joy, peace and hope - full to overflowing. As PCA's lower and upper school students gathered in small groups throughout the day, we... 

Prayed for guidance and growth within each of our own families. 

Prayed for the advancement of God's kingdom through Christian education. 

Prayed for missionaries around the world proclaiming the Gospel. 

Upper School Principal, Sean Keiper, says "It is a privilege for us to participate in the National Day of Prayer together as a school. This opportunity allows us to live out our mission as we desire to seek the Lord and His plan in all things. We are passionate about joining together in prayer for God's will to be done in our lives, our school, our community, and the world."

We encourage you to ask your children about the National Day of Prayer. Let's continue to humble ourselves together as a community united -  to praise and petition the Creator of the Universe to move mountains. (Matthew 17:20)

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