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5th Grade Scientists Enjoy "Sea Ya' Later" Experience

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Mrs. Shogren's 5th grade science class dove into oceanography, explored sea floor topography, discovered how the moon influences ocean tides, conducted experiments to understand the difference between currents and waves and learned about erosion and the importance of protecting our fragile coastlines. Ms. Jennifer Aikman from "High Touch High Tech: Science Made Fun", did an excellent job of explaining God's oceans and the intricacies of oceanography.

When asked why Ms. Aikman's visit to the classroom was special, Ava Davenport stated, "Its fun to try different things." Tabitha Hewitt said she enjoyed "working together as a team." Ross McMillan remarked that he really likes conducting the hands-on experiments to reinforce the lesson in addition to listening about and seeing the information.

It is clear that this High Touch High Tech lesson on the ocean made a big splash!


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Christ in the Marketplace

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Christ In The Marketplace was an enjoyable experience for both middle and high school. Last week PCA hosted 18 professionals who worked in areas ranging from healthcare to business, engineering to ministry and even toy product design! Students in grades 8-12 were given the opportunity to choose three professionals to visit, and were able to learn not only about different career fields but what it is like to serve Christ in the workplace.

For the first time this year, the 6th and 7th graders were able to participate in this event. Put into rotating groups, 6th grade learned about STEM, design, and entrepreneurship while 7th graders gained knowledge about product development, education, and finance. 7th grader, Greta Anderson reveals, "My favorite part of Christ in the Marketplace was getting to see how a Christian impacts many different jobs. This experience impacted me because now I have a better understanding of certain jobs and how you can show the love of Christ through them." This semester's Christ In The Marketplace proved to be a huge success and students are already excited for the next one on April 1, 2020!


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