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Preschool Press: Bears and the Letter "B"

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Our three-year-old preschool classes have been busy learning about the letter "B" and finished our week enjoying a teddy bear picnic with some special furry visitors.

Each week, our preschoolers are introduced to a different letter of the alphabet and we immerse ourselves in learning the sound and formation of the letter and finding the letter in our everyday lives. For "B" week, we strengthened our fine motor skills by using brushes to paint with blue paint, enhanced our large motor skills by keeping balloons in the air, ordered bears by size and color, pretended to hibernate in a big box and listened to many books about butterflies, bears and bugs. 

Preschool is a "beary" special place!

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Gaining a Greater Understanding of the Progress of Redemption

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Mr. Disrud's eleventh grade students have been studying Systematic Theology all year.  Systematic Theology is the study of an aspect of the Bible in a systematic or organized way that explains it to its fullest extent. Furthermore, a study of Systematic Theology helps the student to see how the truths of all scripture fit together. Mr. Disrud has taught Systematic Theology to PCA's juniors to demonstrate that throughout the entire Bible there is a meta-narrative where connections can be made from the New Testament to the Old Testament all surrounding the key figure Jesus Christ. 

Last week the students created their own perception of the "Progress of Redemption" through a visually artistic format. Students summarized in visual form whether on poster-board, scroll, or journal, "the Bible's summary of creation to the fall to the redemption," according to Ethan Lowther. When asked what they had learned from this project, Ellery Baugh, Katelyn Howard, and Ansley Gresh all said that doing the project helped them to think through the truths of the Bible in a deeper way.

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